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Welcome to The YOGA Studio! A studio nestled in the heart of downtown Rogers, with roots growing deep into the community. Our mission is to help others enjoy a Yoga practice that is perfect for their individual needs. Our small class sizes allow a more personalized experience. Whether you are looking for a way to stay fit, reduce stress, or improve overall health, The YOGA Studio has a class for that.

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The Sounds of Asana

From Side Plank to Savasana, we often times experience what I like to call ‘The Sounds of Asana’. The uncontrolled grunting of a challenging posture, the blissful sigh of child’s pose, the grumbling tummy when the room is quiet and we swear it echos like the Grand Canyon… these are just some of the sounds in a Yoga class.

But wait! There’s more!

Did we mention the embarrASSing fart? THAT happens too. a lot. And then there is the Final Relaxation (Savasana) encore that sounds similar to a snore. Whichever scenario we can relate to, we all have one thing in common… it DOES happen. AND we may think ‘oh no, please!’. But the truth is, the rest of the class is relieved and thankful that they aren’t the only one that experience The Sounds Of Asana.
So the next time it happens to you just remember the words of a wise physician, who stated loudly after farting, “well, I guess the Yoga is working!”

yes, yes it is….